Consultation Call Process Guidelines with the Doctor
After successfully booking a consultation, are you confused about how you will consult with the doctor? Bewell will guide you on how to consult with the doctor in the simplest way.
Customer Service from Bewell will send you information about the consultation session. During the waiting time, you can discuss with Customer Service any issues you need assistance with.
On the Home page, you can easily see upcoming consultation appointments you have booked with the doctor bạn có thể dễ dàng nhìn thấy các lịch tư vấn sắp đến mà bạn đã đặt tư vấn cùng bác sĩ
After successfully booking an appointment, you will be connected with the doctor. You can provide additional health information to the doctor for better understanding during the consultation.
The doctor will call you when the consultation session begins. You need to be in the app 5 minutes before to receive the call from the doctor.
The doctor will provide health advice to you via video call. You can send additional information and exchange with the doctor through the chat box
After the consultation session ends, you can review the consultation information and prescriptions if the doctor has issued one.
Additional Note
  • Bewell will remind you 15 minutes before the consultation.
  • In case of unstable internet connection, the doctor will call you directly using the phone number you provided.
  • Check your internet connection and audiovisual devices before joining the consultation.
  • Find a quiet, private space, limit noise, and light during the consultation with the doctor.
  • Have someone assist in case the patient is a child or elderly, or has difficulty using technology, hearing impairment, visual impairment, mobility issues, memory issues, speech difficulties, etc.
  • Dress appropriately; convenient for performing movements as requested by the doctor and serving the diagnosis.
  • Prepare medical records and questions (if any). You can take photos of medical records, tests, old prescriptions and send them to the doctor before or during the consultation. Have paper and pen ready to write down important information, questions to ask the doctor, or seek advice.
  • In case of an unstable internet connection, the doctor will call you directly using the phone number you provided to promptly support your health and your family's health.
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